The perfect wedding make-up for the perfect wedding day

You have the perfect wedding dress, venue and hopefully Fiance!

One of the surprising areas of decision making for any bride will be around her wedding make-up, and the look she wants to achieve on her big day. Many things factor into the decision making process such as fashion, the nature of the look and possibly any wedding theme. So what are my words of advice when thinking about wedding make-up and that all important decision.

Here are the things I advise my brides to focus on in the run up to planning their wedding make-up.

Do you research

Whether you have chosen a make-up artist for your big day or plan to approach this personally, try and research possible colours, products and looks that help you achieve your desired look for the day. I advise my brides to set-up Pinterest boards and save images of make-up and colours which can either be practised by yourself, or shared with your make-up artist at your trial. It also provides great reference point to look back on and a short list of possible products you may wish to use.

Trust a professional

As I say to my brides, you wouldn’t try and build your own wall if you’re not a builder so why go it alone on your make-up? Your wedding day is probably one of the most memorable days of your life, and you want to look your absolute best. There are a number of benefits to having your make-up done for you including reducing of stress on the day, ensuring your make-up is professional and will last and is fully suitable for photography purposes. I like to bond with my brides, and ultimately ensure their wishes are fulfilled and they are comfortable and above all that they have trust in me to make them look special. This is another added bonus for any bride.

Try, try and try again

Whether you have already chosen a make-up artist or are still on the hunt, one area to explore is the all important trial. Make sure you have your trial at least three weeks, but no more than 5 weeks before your wedding. Planning on tanning? This will need to be factored in to any trial. I always advise my brides to wear a white t-shirt to see how the make-up looks against a plain colour. Always carry out your trial in natural daylight. Ensure both yourself and your make-up artist are prepared and you bring any pictures or research with you.

High maintenance

Your face is ultimately your make-up canvass for your big day. Ensure in the run up to your wedding and trials that you eat well, drink lots of water and take care to keep on top of brows, and lashes. There is nothing more beautiful that natural-looking skin and having the basics in place will mean your make-up falls into place. Its true that beauty is skin deep.

If you’re thinking about booking and wedding make-up artist, why not get in touch to discuss your options?

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